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Because of advancements in medical laser systems, you don’t have to live another day with an unwanted tattoo. After just a few Cynosure® PicoSure® treatments at Integrity MediCenter-MediSpa, that tattoo starts to become a thing of your past. Find out if laser tattoo removal with PicoSure is right for you by booking a consultation at this Hopkins, Minnesota, medical spa. Click on the online scheduler, or call the office directly to book.

Tattoo Removal

How does tattoo removal work?

Most laser tattoo removal systems rely on heat energy to break apart permanent ink pigments. But the revolutionary PicoSure model works a little differently. The cutting-edge science behind the PicoSure system incorporates a patented PressureWave™ technology.

During tattoo removal treatments, the PicoSure PressureWave device delivers rapid, ultra-short energy pulses to the deepest layers of your skin. This effect changes the pressure between skin cells ink pigments and forces those ink pigments to shatter. With each burst of energy, ink pigments transform into microscopic particles that gradually get whisked away through waste with the help of your lymphatic system.

Do I need more than one laser tattoo removal session?

Yes. Because Dr. Wiita’s team has extensive experience in laser tattoo removals with PicoSure, they design your personalized treatment package based on the size and colors of your tattoo. You should start noticing a gradual fading of the treated tattoo shortly after your first visit.

Depending on the size and color of your tattoo, as well as your natural skin tone, you could need between four to eight tattoo removal sessions with PicoSure — seven is quite common. Each session needs to be spaced about six to eight weeks apart, just to give your system ample time to flush away targeted ink pigments.

Is laser tattoo removal painful?

One of the many benefits of opting for PicoSure treatments to remove a tattoo is that the system doesn’t rely on laser heat energy, as with traditional medical lasers. The PressureWave technology with PicoSure is known for being gentler and much more comfortable. You might feel some discomfort, especially in more sensitive areas.

To help you relax and to minimize any tattoo removal pain, Dr. Wiita and the team at Integrity MediCenter-MediSpa suggest coming in early to apply a topical numbing cream. For optimal benefits, numbing creams need to be applied roughly 20-30 minutes before your PicoSure treatment, so plan accordingly when you head to the medical spa.

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