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You can achieve the appearance of glowing, sun-kissed skin without having to lie out in the sun or deal with tan lines. Sandy Wiita, MD, and the expert skin care team at Integrity MediCenter-MediSpa offer personalized airbrush spray tans and 24/7 UV tanning, so you can experience even-toned skin year round. Schedule your personalized spray tan at this Hopkins, Minnesota, tanning salon by clicking on the online scheduler or by calling the office directly. Walk-ins are welcome during business hours to sign up for UV tanning.


What options do you have for UV tanning?

Integrity MediCenter-MediSpa has several options for UV tanning, including:

  • Single session
  • Multiple session package
  • Unlimited one month package
  • Membership (minimum 3-month commitment)
  • Bed options include Tropical, Viper, or Stand-Up

What is 24/7 tanning?

Come in during office hours to sign up. The team will enroll your fingerprint (encrypted) into the tanning system and give you an entry code for the back door so that you can come in any time, day or night. You will need to have sessions available in order to use the 24/7 tanning system.   There is no extra cost to use the 24/7 tanning system.

Are there benefits to tanning beds?

Yes! Even though spray tans are ideal for achieving the sun-kissed glow without the risk of damaging your skin, there are still some times when tanning beds are a better alternative. You should consider indoor tanning at Integrity MediCenter-MediSpa because it can:

  • Reduce your risk of sunburn while on vacation or exposed to sunlight
  • Provide a long-lasting base tan
  • Improve your mood, especially during winter months
  • Boost your vitamin D levels

Will tanning cause cancer?

Some groups who lobby against tanning will tell you that tanning increases your risk of melanoma. Did you know that your baseline risk is <0.2%? The risk rises to <0.3% with tanning. 

Spray Tans

Spray tans are a great way to give your skin a temporary glow for that special occasion. Do you have a vacation coming up and don't want the "Minnesota tourist" look? Let the friendly staff at the tanning salon in Hopkins, Minnesota, give you a beautiful professionally airbrushed spray tan before you go. The spray tans are airbrushed, not blasted from a spray booth, so you get a more even, natural look.

What happens during a spray tan?

Your spray tan session involves airbrushing a specialized solution onto your skin, so you can achieve a temporary suntanned look. Once you and your skin care specialist decide how dark you want to go, they have you enter the spray tanning room.

In most cases, your aesthetic expert starts at the top and sprays your face as you hold your breath and close your eyes. They gradually work their way down your body and have you bend over, lift areas, or hold certain positions to help them achieve an even spray tan.

Once you’re dry, you can put your clothes back on. The entire airbrush spray tan experience can take as few as 10 minutes, although it can vary depending on whether you’re having a partial or full body airbrush tan.

How do I prepare for a spray tan?

Before coming in for your airbrush spray tan at Integrity MediCenter-MediSpa, cleanse your skin with soap, but don’t apply any moisturizers, makeup, deodorant, perfume, or other topical skin care solutions. You should also plan on wearing dark, loose-fitting clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty since some of your spray tan solution might rub off. It’s also important to:

  • Wear slip-on sandals or flip flops
  • Avoid shaving right before your spray tan
  • Get your manicure or pedicure the day before your spray tan

Women can choose to be nude, or wear undergarments — undergarments are mandatory for men. It’s best to wear dark-colored undergarments since they’re going to get a little of the spray tan color on them, although you can also purchase disposable undergarments at Integrity MediCenter-MediSpa for $2 per piece.

I got a spray tan…now what?

How long you leave the color on will depend on how dark you want to be. The longer you leave the solution on, the darker the color.  Your technician will discuss the right amount of hours for you to leave it on. There are a few things to remember after you get your spray tan:

  • Avoid getting wet or sweating until ready to do your rinse shower
  • Minimum rub off may occur  
  • Everything evens out after the first 24 hours as the tan continues to process
  • The rinse shower should be done with plain water for at least 10 minutes; the purpose is to get the excess bronzer off; do not use soap or shampoo.
  • During the rinse shower, you will see brown water…don’t worry — that is just excess bronzer; your spray tan will continue to process over the next 24 hours and will likely get darker
  • Don’t try to rub your tan to even it out; unless you got wet or sweaty, it should naturally even out over the 24 hours
  • If something happens, like you got wet in the rain, you have two days to come in for a touch-up

How long does a spray tan last?

Professional airbrush spray tans from Integrity MediCenter-MediSpa can give you a beautiful sun-kissed glow for as long as seven days. Here are some tips to help make the most of your spray tan:

  • Applying a good moisturizer daily can extend the life of your professional spray tan
  • Using soaps or cleansers with microbeads or an exfoliator will remove the tan much faster
  • Pool or ocean water will shorten the life of the tan by a couple of days

Integrity MediCenter-MediSpa gives you options. With UV tanning, you can walk in and choose anything from single-session tanning to unlimited monthly packages with the Tropical, Viper, or Stand-up tanning beds. You can even opt for 24/7 tanning, so you can get your tan anytime during your busy schedule.

Book your spray tan appointment at Integrity MediCenter-MediSpa today. Schedule your visit online or over the phone.